Monday, August 31, 2015

Ghost Cat


MacabreWebs said...

Love this so much!

Drazen said...

Thanks MacabreWebs, and I love getting messages here its like getting notes from outer space!:-)

MacabreWebs said...

Sometimes, that is where I feel like I am living :-)

Your art is truly magical. Makes me happy on so many levels.... it's like that feeling you get when, after enduring weeks and months of relentlessly hot, sunny, humid weather, and then a sudden rain storm rolls in with gigantic cracks of lightning and thunder that booms like cannons, and a torrential downpour of cold clean rain that cleanses the landscape and leaves a cool refreshed feeling in your soul. Yeah, like that ... only better.

Thank you again for sharing your art.

Best regards,
Ellie Gee

Drazen said...

Thank you for those amazing words!