Friday, June 8, 2007


Putrescent Pat Hamou from Montreal, Quebec who sends us his heartwarming rendition of The Happy Undertaker and asks
when a new installment is going to arrive? If it doesn't happen soon, he howls, he might have to release the bats in his belfry!

Well no need to do anything so drastic yet Putrescent!
The Ghoulyard has been overun these days and it seems the moment a scroll has been clawed in some skeletons shabby frock coat needs mending and so it goes. Those not posted here will find there way to the archives in some printed form. Thanks again Putrescent Pat! You've made the moonless day a little easiear to get through. Back to the egyptian tomb friends.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chadsey's Cairn Cemetary

Went to the Chadsey's Cairn winery in Prince Edward County. Heres some pics of the cemetary thats on the grounds next to the vines.
images should still me there if you click the bos