Monday, February 6, 2012


I'll have a table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 5 and 6) for the first time this year. An amazing and inspiring event, the folks at TCAF do an incredible job putting this together every year.
I'll have, along with prints, a 32 page book of new material I haven't posted called 13 CURSES. I'll post more about it and a image or two closer to the convention but here is one of the cover sketches below.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carousel 28 and 29

Carousel 28, on the stands now, contains 3 pages of The Happy Undertaker from 2010.
Issue 29 coming out in Spring contains one Happy Undertaker strip. The strip opposite the cover appears in the opposite issue. There is a link to Carousel on my side bar, a lovingly put together art, poetry, interview magazine thats worth checking out. This issue also begins 4 Panel, 10 artists exploring 4 panel sequences but you can check out a table of contents on the link. On the Carousel website, clicking the 12th image on left side takes you to info on issue 28.